I've sent in my dissertation!

Well, the 1st draft, anyway. It should be sitting in the inbox of my committee chair, David Lukoff. Now I wait to see what he thinks it might need in the way of revisions, additions, subtractions, etc. What an amazing feeling, to have that obligation to write lifted, at least for a little while!
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I have done it

I have entered the world of FaceBook. I refused to do it for a long time, but now that I have I am completely in awe of the whole phenomenon. In just three days I have reconnected with a bunch of folks I haven't seen in years, and discovered that someone I know from a professional community went to 7th grade with my younger sister. I keep shaking my head in amazement. I'm Selene Kumin Vega over there for any of you who are there who I haven't discovered yet.

The research begins

My dissertation proposal has been approved, and I am now sending out questionnaires through email, soliciting people's integration of transformative workshop experiences. If any of you are interested in filling out the questionnaire (or even just seeing it), let me know and I'll get a copy to you. I'm really looking forward to the responses!

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Yay! I'm a PhD candidate!

 Well, I still have to go through the formality of doing my oral exam with my committee chair. The three professors could not find a time they could all meet with me until a month from now, so I did it with two of them this morning. My chair said that usually these things don't even last the full two hours, so it would probably be consideraly less with only two professors, but I had to cut them off at the two hour mark. My chair says we can spend some of our time next week talking about the dissertation proposal, so I'm actually looking forward to that. I've got a draft put together already, a synthesis of my original proposal, written during my research classes, the report from my pilot study, and one of the three candidacy essays for literature review. 

Moving right along!

Finally finished Candidacy Essay 3

Actually, I finished it a month ago, but the professor had thoughts about what I needed to do additionally and/or differently. I have been plunged into the work of rewriting more fully than I imagined possible. Following references down the rabbit hole to further references ...

I hope he likes it. If he does, I send out all 3 essays to all 3 readers and then have a phone conference oral defense. After which I move to candidacy.

For now, I think I'll rest my glazed over eyes. 
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My Life in Second Life

Knowing I'd be apart from elimloth for a week and that he is spending a lot of time on Second Life, I joined. Indeed, it's a wonderful way for us to spend time together when we are apart. And I can see the attraction, it's a lot of fun. I managed to finish my 2nd (out of three) candidacy essay (we hung out together at his place in Faery Crossing while he proofread and gave comments on it). And today I went shopping and got new skin and shape and hair - what fun! And what an amazing way for time to slip away. I have to be careful - I'd like to get essay three done by sometime in December. Still, I imagine Ayla Nightfire will be visiting with Balpien Hammerer quite a bit in the next few weeks, as I'll be down at Skyote while he is here in the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks.

Working hard

Odd that I should feel a pull to post on a day that I've been so busy I've barely had time to breathe. I am in workshop-hosting mode, moving at a brisk pace from 7am-9pm to feed 30 people breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. It's exhausting, but gratifying. This is a SoulCollage Facilitators Workshop, training 26 people to facilitate workshops in creating SoulCollage cards ( I have an assistant helping me - this would just not be possible otherwise - and Rene helps as well. This is serious cooking - I make my own salad dressings and bake my own bread, muffins, scones. It's a nice change from psychotherapy - harder on my body, but I make people happy in an immediate sense (psychotherapy is a somewhat longer process). I end the day completely exhausted, and I'm about to fall into bed very shortly.

Tuesday it's back to studies - I'm working on the second and third of the three candidacy essays I need to write before advancing to candidacy for the PhD, and I'm planning to finish them by the end of 2007.