spiritmoving (spiritmoving) wrote,

My Life in Second Life

Knowing I'd be apart from elimloth for a week and that he is spending a lot of time on Second Life, I joined. Indeed, it's a wonderful way for us to spend time together when we are apart. And I can see the attraction, it's a lot of fun. I managed to finish my 2nd (out of three) candidacy essay (we hung out together at his place in Faery Crossing while he proofread and gave comments on it). And today I went shopping and got new skin and shape and hair - what fun! And what an amazing way for time to slip away. I have to be careful - I'd like to get essay three done by sometime in December. Still, I imagine Ayla Nightfire will be visiting with Balpien Hammerer quite a bit in the next few weeks, as I'll be down at Skyote while he is here in the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks.

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