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The questionnaire

It occurred to me that I could put the questionnaire here for anyone who wants it. It's behind the cut.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Many of you have heard me speak of the research I’ve been planning, exploring the challenges of integrating transformative workshop experiences. I am finally ready to reach out to ask you to share your experiences! I am hoping to learn a lot about the varied experiences through answers to this questionnaire, and then choose four of those toPl pursue further through in-depth interviews for my multiple case-study. If you feel moved to answer these questions and send me your responses, I would be very grateful. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in answering these questions, please feel free to forward this questionnaire to them.


Please write as much as you need to for each question, then save the document and email it back to me.







1)    Have you ever experienced a sense of transformation at a workshop, where you felt something in you had changed? Please describe your experience, what about it felt transformative, and what was different for you after the experience.

2)   Please describe any past experiences you have had with workshops or other settings like this. Please describe any transformative experiences you might have had outside of workshop settings.

3)   Describe your experience of returning home after the workshop and what happened for you as you reentered your daily life.

4)   If you encountered difficulties or challenges in integrating your new sense of yourself, new perspectives, and new approaches to relating to yourself and others into your life after the workshop, please describe those difficulties.

5)   Is there anything about your background and history that you think might have contributed to those difficulties or challenges?

6)   Is there anything about the workshop that you think might have contributed to those difficulties or challenges?

7)   What was helpful in navigating through those challenges?

8)   What supported your integration of new perspectives and behaviors into everyday life?

      a)    If there was anything done in the workshop that helped you with your integration afterwards, please describe what it was, and how it helped you.

      b)    After the workshop, what resources, activities, events, processes, people, perceptions, helped you to integrate your workshop transformations into your life at home?

9)   Did your interactions and relationship with the facilitator and/or staff of the workshop affect your process of transformation and integration? If so, how?

10) Looking back at your experience, what might have helped you to integrate your transformative experience?

      a)    What information, guided experiences, processes, or other activities at the workshop might have helped you to integrate your experience into your life when you returned home?

      b)   What supports, resources, processes, or other activities might have helped you after you returned home?

11)  Is there anything else you would like to add about your process of integrating your transformative workshop experience?

12) Are you willing to be interviewed about these experiences?

13) Do you have any writing, emails, letters, or creative projects related to the experiences that you would be willing to share?

14) Are you willing to have someone close to you interviewed about his or her perceptions of your experiences?

15) Are you willing to have the workshop facilitator/s or other participants interviewed about their perceptions of your experiences?


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