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Dancing Through Life

22 December
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I'm a licensed psychotherapist in California, but living in Washington for a few years. I've been teaching since I was 15, starting with creative dance to kids, and moving into more psychospiritual workshops over the years. I guide individuals and groups into the realms of psyche and spirit through movement, trancework and ritual, bringing this work to the fields of addictions, chakra work, eating disorders, psychospiritual crisis and ecopsychology. I've taught at Bastyr University and through workshops in various places. I've written about the chakras (The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body, and Spirit through the Chakras, co-authored with Anodea Judith), about working psychospiritually with anxiety disorders (chapter in The Psychospiritual Clinician's Handbook, Eds: Sharon Mijares & Gurucharan Singh Khalsa), and Self-Relations Psychotherapy (chapter in Walking in Two Worlds, Eds: Stephen Gilligan & Dvorah Simon).